Syrups, solutions and macerates


Syrups are solutions made up of water and sugar and characterized by a sweet taste and a high viscosity. Each dose, from a multidose bottle, is administered through a tool suitable for the measurement of the volume. The tool generally used is a spoon of 5ml, multiples of 5 or a measuring cap.

The concentration prescribed by the Italian Farmacopea for the simple syrup is 66,5% p/p (sucrose or fructose 665g, purified water 335g). Typical features are: specific weight (from 1,32 to 20°C) and viscosity (201,5 mPa.s to 20°C).

Simple syrup is extremily resistant to microbial growth due to the low quantity of available water. The osmotic pressure of this solution is very high and not suitable for the development of micro-organisms.


A solution is generally made up of one or more liquid and solid substances solubilized in liquids in a homogeneous manner. The microbial stability of the solutions, compared to syrups, takes generally place thanks to the support of preservatives, such as potassium sorbate and/or sodium benzoate. Stabilizations at a perceptive and organoleptic level are made thanks to the use of antioxidants, chelating agents and acidity correctors, such as citric acid, vitamin C and vitamin E.


Maceration is a technique consisting in keeping the plant in contact with a liquid solvent. It takes place at room temperature by soaking the plant in a liquid (water, alcohol, oil, glycerin, glycol or a blend of them) for a precise time. The plant, before beeing macerated, is properly treated (dried, crushed) to obtain the best conditions of extraction of the active substances contained.

Thanks to maceration, it is possible to obtain the following vegetable extracts:

  Hydroalcoholic macerates, generally obtained from a mix of water and alcohol as a solvent;

  Glycerin macerates or bud extracts, obtained from the maceration with a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerol.

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Syrups and solutions

They are liquid preparations with or without preservatives of vitamins, minerals, liquid or solid vegetable extracts.

Active substances with nourishing and physiological action and their macerates or mixtures can be used.


Hydroalcoholic macerates

They are liquid preparations from vegetable macerates obtained thanks to the several extraction techniques in single or complex form.


Bud extract

They are liquid preparations obtained from one or more than one bud extract derived from maceration in a water, alcohol and glycerin solution.


Essential oils

They are liquid preparations obtained from the use of one or more than one pure essential oil thanks to the extraction technique in water vapour.


Trace elements

They are liquid solutions obtained from a trace element blend in standardised conditions.

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