Capsules are singledose pharmaceutical forms for oral use. It is possible to fill them with granulates or powders.

They are made up of: gelatin (from animal or vegetable origin), plasticizers (glycerin, sorbitol, simple syrup, starch), preservatives (small quantity of sulphur dioxide to prevent the onset of mould and bacteria since gelatin represents a culture medium for them) and natural and opacifying colourants (generally titanium dioxide, without which the capsule is transparent).

Our production

We have highly flexible and multifunctional production lines to satisfy the customer’s needs in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Type “0” vegetable gelatin capsule

White, transparent

Type “0” gelatin capsule from animal origin

White, transparent and various colours


6mm < 20mm

Type “0” gastro-resistant gelatin capsule


Primary packaging available


Double layer PVC/PVDC technology, white or transparent, with neutral or customized aluminium. From 2 to 15 capsules per blister.


PE and glass pillbox or jar. Closure systems and aluminium and PE caps provided with guarantee seals in different sizes and colours. Capability: from 50ml to 500ml.

Following the important requirements while manufacturing hard capsules: homogeneous ingredients mixing, grain size, powder fluidity, compatibility between the active substances and the gelatin shell.

While filling capsules, we carefully check the uniformity of weight, contents, friability and dissolving time.

Self-locking capsules, such as the ones we use, guarantee some benefits:


against the contents loss


of oxygen permeability


the opening of the capsule when swallowing, preventing inflammations of the oesophagus

Empty capsules have different capability. The most commonly used varies from type “00” to type “5”, which corresponds to the smallest one. The powder weight contained in the capsule depends on the apparent volume of the powder itself, which varies with the level of humidity, fluidity, grain size and the pressure exerted to fill the capsule.

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