About us

Inalme is an Italian company founded in 1999 and based in Catania, a few kilometres from Mount Etna, a protected area where is located one of the most beautiful Mediterranean spots in Europe.

It covers a total area of 6000m², well connected to the near Catania airport, of which 2.500 m² are occupied by the manufacturing sites, certified according GMP regulation.

Inalme offer covers the following aspects: research, delevopment and manufacturing of food supplements, dietary and phyto-therapic products, cosmetics and topical medical devices belonging to class I and II which are provided with the CE certification.


Since its foundation, Inalme has been distinguished itself for the great commitment to research natural remedies that could provide a real harmony between body and nature. Inalme is specialized in manufacturing food supplement, cosmetics and medical devices, in which the basic requirements linked to the ideas of natural, organic and eco-friendly determine the phylosophy of the work daily done by the excellent team.


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Following highly innovative methods and respecting the Italian herbal tradition, the aim is the formulation of highly-technology products, taking into account the new technological knowledge in the phyto-therapy field and able to achieve the desired effects quickly and effectively.

Technology and innovation

Inside the manufacturing plants, where robotics and automation characterize the technology infrastructure, the constant activity of Research & Development is carried out by combining the professionalism of the team to the continuous interchange, scientific collaborations and strong partnership with universities, research centres and international institutions.

Structured departments equipped with machineries are able to develop, in the planning stage, manufacturing processes anticipating and solving the potential weakness of the formulas commissioned.

Quality control

Standard and manufacturing processes, based on the idea of Quality assurance, link and harmonize the manufacturing of food supplements with the one of cosmetics and medical devices.

All products are checked by an accurate internal QC laboratory, which is able to carry out chemical-physical, microbiological and contaminants tests in order to guarantee the safety and the quality of the finished product.


Inalme embraces the most complex Certification schemes in the management and in the product field: ISO 9001, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Natrue are only some evidences of its vocation for the traceability of processes, the care for products conformity, the continuous conformity and the satisfaction of its own trading partners.

Our certifications:

Environmental sustainability

Since Inalme promotes sustainable development, procedures aiming at respecting the environment are applied in all the areas of the company, for the well-being of current and future generations.


We develop innovative formulas reducing the consuption of natural resources and their direct and indirect environmental impacts on the ecosystems.

Raw materials procurement

We have implemented sustainable purchase procedures including social and environmental criteria in the selection of suppliers.


The manufacturing processes are structured with technologies able to reduce the consumption of natural resources, pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions guaranteeing the highest standards while respecting people’s rights.

Logistic and distribution

Flow planning, implementation and control and storage of raw materials and semi-finished and finished products aim at preserve the resources used and satisfy the customer’s needs and quality and safety expectation.

Life cycle

We have implemented the principles of circular economy by promoting the recovery and the re-use of water resources.

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